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Introducing EquiACT

The importance of improving health equity through action social determinants of health is well established. There is increasing pressure to tackle the wider social determinants of health through the implementation of appropriate policies, actions and interventions. The evidence about what to do to change or decrease socially determined health inequities is increasing. The WHO global Commission on Social Determinants of Health (CSDH), which reported in 2008, made the following three overarching recommendations to close the equity gap in a generation: 1) improve daily living conditions; 2) tackle the inequitable distribution of power, money and resources; and 3) measure and understand the problem and assess the results of action. The growing evidence base in these and other areas shows that it is not only important to act for moral reasons of social justice and fairness but, also because action to improve health equity forms part of effective and evidence-informed public health practice. That is, integrating a social determinants focus facilitates more equitable coverage and impact across the population as a result of public health programmes and policies. However moving from broad concepts and recommendations to systematic, specific and sustained action is a challenge.

EquiACT is an international consultancy committed to moving this agenda forwards through working with public health practitioners and policy makers to build their capacity for action to improve health equity. It is about equity in ACTion. EquiACT focuses on building capacity using a collaborative and applied approach, with a particular focus on what health systems can do through research, knowledge translation and application.

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