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About EquiACT: mission

The mission of EquiACT is to build capacity for action to improve health equity by providing training and technical assistance for knowledge translation and application. In particular, EquiACT focuses on the how-to of integrating the social determinants of health, gender, and human rights into public health policies and programmes and or health systems approaches to improve health equity.

For example working with clients in the development of a policy and or programme such as a national strategy for non-communicable diseases (NCDs) or Tuberculosis to incorporate an equity focus. This could include reviewing available data and indicators on NCDs to develop a social determinants and equity profile of NCDs and related risk factors in the country, plus identifying options for making better use of existing data and for monitoring of the health equity impacts of the NCD strategy. EquiACT can also provide training in the application of methods for ensuring that equity issues are considered in the development of any new or revised policy, for example training in equity focused health impact assessment.

EquiACT works on the principle of transferring knowledge and skills for action and application, using a collaborative approach with clients. This can include working with other consultants, consortia and or agencies as appropriate, with a view to building capacity for application to the specific policy and working context of the client.