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Finding out more about EquiACT

To find out more about EquiACT, please email Sarah Simpson, Director, EquiACT at sarah.simpson@equiact.net.

Sarah Simpson has over a decade’s experience working directly in the field of social determinants and equity, with expertise in building skills, knowledge and capacity to take action in a range of country and policy contexts. Prior to establishing EquiACT, Sarah worked with the World Health Organization (WHO) European Office for Investment for Health and Development for over 5 years, and prior to this for WHO in Geneva, as the Coordinator for eight of the nine knowledge networks established as part of the global Commission on Social Determinants of Health. Sarah is also currently a Conjoint Lecturer at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia and has collaborations internationally with a wide range of stakeholders in the field of social determinants and equity.