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What EquiACT does: services

EquiACT works with its clients in translating and transferring knowledge for action on health equity using a learning by doing approach to build capacity and applied knowledge. Specific services include:

1.  Knowledge Transfer for Action
  • Carrying out research, such as literature and evidence reviews.
  • Reviewing available data on social determinants and equity from existing indicators and data collections.
  • Preparing written briefings, writing reports or making the case documents, such as the development of a SDH, gender and equity checklist to be used in health policy and service development.

2. Building Capacity for action:
  • The development of documents and information that reflect good knowledge translation practice to help ensure their uptake by policy-makers.
  • Learning by doing work e.g. direct technical assistance to undertaking monitoring or evaluation using an equity lens.
  • Working directly with policy makers as they develop a new or revised strategy for non-communicable diseases to ensure it includes related actions to address the key social determinants, gender and rights based issues, is based on available SDH data and evidence, and has a system for monitoring of health equity impacts of the new strategy.

3. Training and development for action, such as tailored training workshops and hands on technical assistance as required (which can build on and support the first two activities) e.g. a two-day workshop on social determinants, gender and human rights, or a workshop on integrating equity in policy and planning processes such as health impact assessment and evaluation.